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Crude Oil Markets Rail & Pipeline Takeaway Summit: Western Canada

A colossal boom in unconventional crude oil production in Western Canada and fluctuations in oil and gas prices have brought great changes to North American energy market dynamics, opening up unprecedented commercial opportunity for the industry but also creating price-threatening gaps in between production and midstream services.

Consequently, pinpointing new market opportunities and reducing the costs of shipping crude to domestic and international markets is now receiving more investment in the form of time and capital than ever before. Midstream companies are ploughing resources into developing new takeaway infrastructure to cost-efficiently take crude to new markets in the form of both pipeline and rail whilst E&P companies are quantifying costs, comparing netbacks and deciding whether to use rail, pipeline or both to ensure crude is quickly taken gets to the place it will receive the most favorable price and netback.

Crude Oil Markets, Rail And Pipeline Takeaway Summit: Western Canada 2012 is Canada’s first summit bringing together CEOs and VPs of leading E&P and midstream companies to drive forward both immediate and long-term solutions for taking Canadian crude to end markets at the highest netback.

Busy Conference Area

Encana Oil & Gas

"I thought the conference was great. It was very well organized and I felt the content was superb"


O&G Series

To deliver crude to the optimal market, attain the premium product price and pay the lowest transport cost, operators must attain…

…a detailed understanding of new product markets, downstream demand and a comprehensive analysis of the very latest transportation options available to enable a well-informed decision on the short and long-term marketing strategy that will receive highest netback.

Senior decision makers from leading E&P, midstream and downstream companies in Western Canada, the Gulf Coast and international markets will be coming to Crude Oil Markets, Rail and Pipeline Takeaway Summit: Western Canada 2012 on October 24-25 to provide the very latest midstream development updates and detailed case studies on how they have discovered economic short and long-term solutions for overcoming the current takeaway capacity shortage. Strategic learning points, updates and solutions being delivered by Canada’s most active E&P and midstream executives include:

THE GULF COAST MARKET: Detailing Timelines, Updates And Crude Grade Requirements In The U.S. Gulf Coast To Map Current Supply And Demand And Pinpoint Trading Opportunities

INTERNATIONAL MARKETS: Examining How To Reach New Offshore Areas Of Demand For Canadian Crude And Avoid The WTI Price Discount

PRICE DIFFERENTIALS: Examining Canadian Crude’s Key Economic Drivers To Achieve The Highest ROI And Convert Today’s Supply And Demand Imbalances Into Commercial Opportunities

RAIL & PIPELINE: Assessing Rail’s Viability As An Economical Method Of Crude Shipping Relative To Cost, Markets And Price Differentials In Addition To Pipelines

RAIL ECONOMICS: Breaking Down The Cost Of Loading And Offloading Fees, Car Rental, Occurring Delays And Rail Terminals To Calculate The Break-Even Point For Various Production Volumes

PERMITTING & ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS: Examining Recent Changes In The Regulatory Framework To Streamline Crude Shipping And Expedite The Approval Process

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